Terms & Conditions


Standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days from the approval of the order confirmation and the receipt of payment. This timeframe is an estimate and not guaranteed. If you are providing the garments for your order, the turnaround time starts from the date we receive the goods, not before. Additional finishing services, such as inside tag relabeling, folding, poly bagging, or other special requirements, can extend the turnaround time.

The following items may be subject to a longer turnaround time beyond our standard terms:

  • Missing vital information on the original purchase order (PO)
  • Missing project materials (e.g., hang tags, carton labels)
  • Finishing services (e.g., folding, tagging, stickering)
  • Failure to quickly clear an order hold
  • Missing or improperly received blank garments
  • Individually bagged garments when not disclosed on the PO
  • Delayed approval of a pre-production sample (PPS)
  • Process or specialty prints (e.g., CMYK, simulated process, foil)
  • Delayed approval of the order confirmation (quote)
  • Delayed payment or account billing hold

Please notify us of any specific in-hand due dates you may have when placing your order. Requested deadlines do not automatically become effective unless explicitly requested and approved prior to placing your order.

Why this policy?  Our production schedule often fluctuates because of the large volume of orders we receive and process. As with any manufacturing operation, the sooner an order is put in the queue the faster it will move forward into production. While we do everything within our ability to maintain a shorter-than-average turnaround time, each order can present unforeseen challenges which can cause delays. This window of time for turnaround offers a more realistic time frame for the completion of an order.


If you need your shirts faster than 7-10 business days, with all the same guarantees as any order from All-County Apparel, you'll be covered with one of our faster delivery options:

A turnaround in 5 business days: +30%

A turnaround in 3 business days: +50%

A turnaround in 1-2 business days: +100%

Rush order spaces are limited. Rush Orders are not always possible and must be approved by All-County Apparel. Rush charges apply to production time only. If an order is being shipped, All-County Apparel is not responsible for delays on the part of the shipping carrier. The amount of time it takes a carrier to deliver the order is not guaranteed by All-County Apparel. We have absolutely no control over delays caused by UPS or other carriers that may be used.

We do not offer same-day printing services.

Why this policy?  Our production schedule operates at 90%+ capacity year-round.  This means that rush orders will typically require overtime for our employees to work on any rush orders. Rush fees are charged to cover our expense of overtime pay to our highly experienced production team of employees to complete your order. A rush fee is not a “pay to jump the line” fee.


Due to the influx in orders towards the end of the year, from October 31st thru January 8th, our standard lead time will be increased to 10-15 business days. Rush options will be extremely limited and will be billed as follows:

A turnaround in 7 business days: +30%

A turnaround in 5 business days: +50%

A turnaround in 1-2 business days: Not Offered


Please check with one of our sales representatives regarding any minimum order quantities (MOQ) that may apply to your order. Please note pricing decreases significantly as quantity increases (for all decoration processes).

Why this policy?  Our operation is primarily set up for large-scale production. Smaller orders are both time and labor extensive. Smaller orders have a higher cost due to the amount of labor and time put into preparation and setup.


Blank, non-decorated garment samples are available upon request, subject to availability. To request samples, please contact your account manager or sales representative prior to placing your order. We strive to accommodate sample requests to help ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.


Due to prohibitive costs, single printed samples are not always available but may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. All-County Apparel utilizes a thorough digital proofing process for all orders to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction. For inquiries regarding pre-production samples (PPS) or photo pre-production samples (Photo PPS), please contact one of our experienced sales representatives.


All orders must be paid in full prior to production. We accept cash, check, debit card, and all major credit cards. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted upon request. Net 15, Net 30, and 50/50 terms may be offered to reputable organizations and individuals upon request and approval of a signed credit application. Clients generally are required to have at least 6-month minimum account history to be eligible for credit. A 3.9% cash loss fee will apply to orders paid via credit card for approved contract clients. All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to deny or revoke the credit or debit card payment method from any client at any time without explanation.


A setup fee may be applied to orders based on the decoration process, order quantity, and project requirements. Standard setup fees, screen fees, and digitizing fees will apply to all orders for approved contract clients receiving contract rates. Contract clients can refer to the most recently published contract program for a detailed breakdown of any/all applicable fees. Additional fees may apply depending on specific project needs.

Why this policy?  Our production team uses the latest technologies and machinery to ensure the highest quality for your project. These fees help cover the costs associated with setup and preparation.


All new artwork and artwork changes are approved via digital proofs sent by email. Approval of artwork proof is required prior to production. We require all approvals to be signed off digitally via email or in-person.

When approving a quote, check both the quote proof(s) carefully for any errors (spelling, grammar, colors, etc.) and omissions. All-County Apparel WILL NOT accept any liability for errors overlooked at this stage of proofing.

Why this policy?  This should be a no-brainer. This ensures that your order will be produced exactly as expected and intended.  No surprises when you open the box! This protects both parties and ensures that we are all on the same page before your order going into production.


Artwork review is always free and if a simple fix is required, it is done free of charge. Contract client customers receiving discounted rates and providing their own goods are held to a higher standard and are expected to send vector artwork following our artwork guidelines.

All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to not release copies of artwork files. Likewise, All-County Apparel, LLC will not release final production files. All provided artwork files are kept on file for reorder purposes only. Created and recreated artwork and artwork files become and are to indefinitely remain the property of All-County Apparel, LLC and may be discarded without notice. Proofs, films, and screens will under no circumstances be provided, will indefinitely remain the property of All-County Apparel, LLC, and may be discarded without notice.

Why this policy?  Artwork creation and correction take time and experience to be done properly. Our talented graphic design team is happy to assist you with your order and is proud to be compensated above the industry standard rate.


1/2” leniency on either side towards the seams, or bottom of the collar overall is deemed acceptable.


PMS inks are formulated to be within a 95% acceptable range, depending on factors such as ink coverage, the material being printed, and any color shift that may occur when printing on an underbase. A perfect match is never 100% guaranteed. All Pantone colors are mixed using our industry-leading mixing system, which employs precise gram scales to ensure the closest possible color match. You can view our stock colors here.


Human and mechanical packaging errors are inevitable which is why we acknowledge a quantity discrepancy of 1% or 2 pieces, whichever is greater, in either direction (under or over).


For reorders, it must be clearly notated on your purchase order if the order is to be an exact artwork reorder of a previous project. All-County Apparel, LLC makes no guarantee to identify if an order is a reorder unless it is explicitly mentioned on your purchase order and approved via your order confirmation.


All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to substitute garments of comparable brand and/or color when the client’s request is unavailable.


All-County Apparel, LLC strives to handle all customer-supplied garments with the utmost care. However, we are not responsible for any damage incurred during the production process. In the event of damage to one or more items while in our facility, All-County Apparel, LLC will not reimburse or replace the garments under any circumstance. Damage is a rare occurrence, but it is possible due to the nature of high-end production equipment and potential for machine or human error.

We are also not liable for any manufacturer, mill, or vendor defects present in the provided garments.

All garments supplied to All-County Apparel for screen printing must be new and unwashed. Clients must provide a detailed list of all goods, including brand, style number, color, and size, prior to drop shipping or dropping off the garments to avoid sorting fees. Drop shipments must clearly label the purchase order number. The following format should be used when shipping garments to us:



LODI, NJ 07644


Unsorted and unorganized garment deliveries will incur a sorting fee. Individually bagged apparel may incur an unbagging fee not to exceed $.30 cents per unit. Clients are expected to/responsible for providing a detailed list of the garments being supplied along with submission of a purchase order.

All-County Apparel, LLC may be unable to decorate and therefore refuse to print on certain garment types.  Please contact our Client Support team before placing an order if it contains an uncommon apparel type or material.

Any returns to the mill/distributor on projects where the client provided the garments are the client’s responsibility to organize. If an order is canceled and apparel must be returned, a Return Authorization and UPS Shipping Label must be provided to All-County Apparel. Additional fees, not exceeding $5 per carton, may apply for garments that must be returned on behalf of clients. Clients properly shipping garments from distributors via free freight programs may be eligible for waived return fees.

Garments left with All-County Apparel, LLC for more than 90 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of All-County Apparel, LLC, with the intention of donation or discarding.

Why this policy?  Our warehouse receives hundreds of parcels daily, making it easy for unlabeled cartons to be misplaced. Clear labeling and detailed lists help us identify, sort, and check-in your apparel for production efficiently. Sorting and un-bagging blank apparel requires additional time and labor, hence the associated fees are to cover these expenses.


By using our Services, you represent and warrant that you own, have legally licensed, or have the requisite rights to reproduce all the designs you provide us with (hereinafter, “Content”). You hereby grant All-County Apparel, LLC, our websites, and third-party affiliates a worldwide, royalty-free, nonexclusive, assignable, and sublicensable limited license to manufacture and produce your Content through our Services.

You are solely responsible for all Content that you submit through our Services. You represent and warrant that you own or have obtained all intellectual property rights in your Content, including, without limitation, the right to manufacture, distribute, or sell products that include your Content. Additionally, you represent and warrant that:

  1. You have provided us with the rights as set forth in these Terms;
  2. Your Content and the manufacture, distribution, or sale of products that include your Content do not and will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or legal entity, including, without limitation, any copyright, moral rights, trademark, patent, right of publicity, or right of privacy;
  3. Your Content is free of false, inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy, in violation of anyone’s rights (including their privacy or publicity rights), abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable materials;
  4. Your Content is accurate, not misleading, or otherwise deceptive.


All-County Apparel, LLC does not guarantee review the Content and is not responsible for any Content made available by you through our Services. However, All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to examine or evaluate the Content and to refuse to complete our Services if we determine that the Content violates these Terms or our rules, policies, or procedures.

You understand that our Services are based on the Content submitted by users, which may include designs, images, pictures, text, photographs, graphics, or other materials submitted, posted, published, or displayed through our Services.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fulfilling your legal responsibilities and not violating anyone’s rights or breaking any applicable laws by submitting the Content through our Services.


If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes intellectual property infringement, or if you see any infringing Content available through our Services, please contact us at info@allcountyapparel.com.


Due to unpredictable and unpreventable circumstances in the production process, mistakes can sometimes occur. All orders are subject to a spoilage allowance as follows:

  • General Orders: 3% spoilage allowance
  • Orders Including Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, and/or Tri-Blend Apparel: 5% spoilage allowance
  • Simulated, 4-Color Process, and Specialty Ink Projects: 5% spoilage allowance
  • Orders Under 48 Pieces: 6-piece spoilage allowance

Spoiled units will be discarded immediately. Although it is rare for misprints to occur, maintaining this policy is a common practice in the printing industry. If an exact quantity is required, please include extras in your order. In the event that a reprint is required within this allowance, reprints will be subject to a reset fee.


All orders may be subject to photography and/or video documentation by All-County Apparel, LLC and our marketing partners. This documentation is primarily used for advertising, promotional, and demonstration purposes. If you prefer that your order not be photographed or recorded, please make this request at the time of order placement. Approval of such requests is at the sole discretion of All-County Apparel, LLC.


Orders requiring shipping will be shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested or arranged by the client. Shipping time is additional to turnaround time. Please consider this when placing time-sensitive orders. Clients may request their orders to be shipped on their UPS shipping account via third-party. A $5 handling fee applies to all third-party shipped orders. Clients properly shipping garments from distributors via free freight programs may be eligible for waived third-party shipping.


All-County Apparel, LLC offers international shipping services. Orders shipped internationally will be subject to additional shipping fees and customs duties. It is the client's responsibility to cover these additional costs. For international orders, shipping time is separate from production turnaround time, so please account for this when placing orders with specific deadlines. All-County Apparel, LLC is not responsible for delays caused by customs clearance or international shipping carriers. Clients may also opt to use their own international shipping accounts, subject to handling fees.


General pickup hours are strictly Monday thru Friday 9AM to 5PM. Please refrain from visiting the warehouse or sending a courier service until your receive a ready for pickup notification. Orders will not be released until they are marked as such and we do not allow for partial pickups. Payment may be due upon receipt.


Freight pickup hours are strictly Monday thru Friday 3PM to 6PM at docks 1-3, located in the back of the building on the left side. Please refrain from arranging freight pickups until your receive a ready for pickup notification. Orders will not be released until they are marked as such and we do not allow for partial pickups.


Orders cannot be canceled after order confirmation approval and payment under any circumstance.

Why this policy? Our production schedule moves swiftly due to the high volume of orders we receive. An order may be put into motion immediately after approval and payment, meaning garments and materials may already be purchased, and setup processes may have begun. This policy ensures efficiency and timely delivery of all orders.


All claims must be made within 72 hours from receipt of the order.  Please email help@allcountyapparel.com immediately if there are any questions, errors, or problems with an order. Exchanges/reprints are only offered on unworn, unwashed orders returned in their entirety. Partial returns will be satisfied by credit to-be applied towards future orders only. We do not offer refunds.


All-County Apparel, LLC will not be held responsible for any variances in size, color, or construction of garments from the mill, manufacturer, or distributor under any circumstance. All-County Apparel, LLC will not be held responsible for variances in ink colors or thread colors under any circumstance. Embellishments and garments alike can vary in appearance depending on brand and post-production care. It is always recommended that embellished garments be washed inside out on low heat to maximize washability and longevity of the product. All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to refuse service without explanation anytime for any reason. All-County Apparel, LLC reserves the right to change our pricing, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions at anytime without notice.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, negotiations, representations, and warranties, whether written or oral, regarding such subject matter. No modification, amendment, or waiver of any provision of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties.