Blank Garments FAQ

Can I order a mix of different color garments or different styles of garments?

Yes, different shirt colors are ok as long as the imprints are identical in every way (size, colors, location, etc.). You must order at least 24 of each shirt color. If we need to change ink colors additional fees will apply. Ink color changes are $20.00 per color per change. Ink color changes are not offered on orders under 72 pieces.

Can I try on a garment before placing a full order?

The absolute best way to try a garment is to purchase a blank sample. A blank sample lets you wear and truly test the garment. We don’t have any blank samples to borrow from our shop.

Let your account representative know what you’re looking for and we can get a blank sample order started for you. If a blank sample isn’t in the budget (or timeline!), your account representative can help recommend the perfect garment for your needs.

Can I supply my own garments?

Please inquire with your sales representative to see if we can accommodate your request to supply the blank garments for your order. All-County Apparel, LLC strives to handle all customer-supplied garments with the utmost care. However, we are not responsible for any damage incurred during the production process. In the event of damage to one or more items while in our facility, All-County Apparel, LLC will not reimburse or replace the garments under any circumstance. Damage is a rare occurrence, but it is possible due to the nature of high-end production equipment and potential for machine or human error.

We are also not liable for any manufacturer, mill, or vendor defects present in the provided garments.

All garments supplied to All-County Apparel for screen printing must be new and unwashed. Clients must provide a detailed list of all goods, including brand, style number, color, and size, prior to drop shipping or dropping off the garments to avoid sorting fees. Drop shipments must clearly label the purchase order number. The following format should be used when shipping garments to us:



LODI, NJ 07644


Unsorted and unorganized garment deliveries will incur a sorting fee. Individually bagged apparel may incur an unbagging fee not to exceed $.30 cents per unit. Clients are expected to/responsible for providing a detailed list of the garments being supplied along with submission of a purchase order.

All-County Apparel, LLC may be unable to decorate and therefore refuse to print on certain garment types.  Please contact our Client Support team before placing an order if it contains an uncommon apparel type or material.

Any returns to the mill/distributor on projects where the client provided the garments are the client’s responsibility to organize. If an order is canceled and apparel must be returned, a Return Authorization and UPS Shipping Label must be provided to All-County Apparel. Additional fees, not exceeding $5 per carton, may apply for garments that must be returned on behalf of clients. Clients properly shipping garments from distributors via free freight programs may be eligible for waived return fees.

Garments left with All-County Apparel, LLC for more than 90 days will be considered abandoned and will become the property of All-County Apparel, LLC, with the intention of donation or discarding.

Why this policy?  Our warehouse receives hundreds of parcels daily, making it easy for unlabeled cartons to be misplaced. Clear labeling and detailed lists help us identify, sort, and check-in your apparel for production efficiently. Sorting and un-bagging blank apparel requires additional time and labor, hence the associated fees are to cover these expenses.